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Here you will find details about our partnership with Socios and

how to be a JDT FAN TOKEN holder.

JDT Digital is also your home for discovering our NFT Marketplace

which will allow fans to collect Digital Assets that come with real life benefits.

Our Metaverse applications will allow you to dress you avatar in official




Our aim is to bring our fans closer to the club with our Socios JDT

Fan Tokens.

Fan Token holders will get to participate in polls that determine the growth

of Johor Darul Ta’zim.

Rewards for participating in polls include matchday tickets, meet and

greet the players and discounts in our merchandise stores.



JDT FC fans can look forward to voting on decisions needed to be made by the club in various areas concerning the team, stadium and JDT’s world-class facilities. 

Fan Token Holders will also be able to vote for their Player and Goal of the Month and help determine which players and staff feature in JDT FC’s social media content. 

Fan Token Holders will be eligible to win unique prizes, such as game-worn player jerseys and other items that have never previously been made available to fans for purchase. These prizes will be given away to lucky winners who participate in polls on Socios.com.

Visit Socios.com here to find out more


JDT FC is also embarking on a whole series of Digital Collectibles that will come with real life rewards. Our Super Utility NFTs (SUNFTs) and our Player Trading Cards (PTCs) will come packed with benefits and utilities.



  • By voting, you’ll have the chance to win:
  • Match tickets
  • Meet and greet the first team after the game
  • F&B benefits


  • By voting, you’ll stand the chance to win:
  • JDT FC Metaverse assets
  • Privately join others in our virtual HQ and Stadium
  • Discounts on official metaverse jerseys


  • By voting, you’ll stand the chance to win:
  • Limited edition access
  • Presale priorities
  • Discounts at our stores


  • By voting, you will be helping JDT:
  • Help make important decisions for the club
  • Vote on milestone events for JDT FC
  • Help shape the future for JDT FC


  • By voting, you’ll have the chance to win:
  • Invites to Special functions
  • Invites to meet and greet
  • End of Season Player Awards invite


  • By being a $JDT Fan Token holder, you will receive:
  • Priority for future projects
  • Early access for significant NFT Sales
  • Special rooms available in Discord (when available)



What is JDT Digital?

JDT Digital is a unique space where the fans can engage with the club like never before. Blockchain technology has allowed fans to collect, share and trade Digital Collections as well as collect Fan Tokens. These collections and tokens come with real-life utility and different ways to interact with the club.

The Metaverse allows users to interact with the club like never before, attending virtual events, dressing your Metaverse avatar in JDT FC merchandise and much more.

What benefits do I get from owning a $JDT Fan Token??

A $JDT Fan Token will give you: certain voting rights on official club decisions and the opportunity to earn real-life and digital club-related benefits and experiences. 

How many times can I vote?

You can start influencing club decisions with just  one $JDT Fan Token.

Of course, the weight of your vote is defined by the number of $JDT Fan Tokens you own. If you own 10 $JDT Fan Tokens, your vote will count as 10. 

We’ll cap each poll at a certain number of $JDT Fan Tokens to keep things nice and fair!

Do I need to pay for it and how can I buy it?  

JDT FC Season Pass Holders will receive one non-tradable $JDT Fan Token for free. 

$JDT Fan Tokens are also available to purchase exclusively on the Socios.com app. 

In order to buy $JDT Fan Tokens you will need to sign up for a Socios account and then purchase the cryptocurrency Chiliz ($CHZ) on the app using either your debit or credit card. You can then exchange your $CHZ for your $JDT Fan Token. The cost of one $JDT Fan Token varies depending on supply and demand, but the total cost (including any applicable service fees) will always be made known to you on the app prior to purchase.  

Remember, you only need one $JDT Fan Token to vote in polls and participate in competitions.

How do I claim my free $JDT Fan Token?

JDT FC will send Season Pass holders a voucher code via email. 

Download the Socios app – on the App Store, Play Store or via the web app**

Create an account and tap the Wallet icon

Tap the mini QR Code icon on the top right corner of the screen

Enter the voucher code and the token will appear in your Socios wallet

How long does my Fan Token last?

So long as you hold a Socios account, you may use your $JDT Fan Token over and over again to vote on any polls made available to you on the app or to access other VIP experiences or exclusive content offered by the club. 

JDT FC’s Commitment

JDT FC will continue to support Socios to run fun and engaging Club-related polls via the Socios app on a frequent basis during our partnership with Socios.

We are developing our plans on what alternative engagement opportunities the Club will provide to token holders as and when our partnership with Socios comes to an end.

What actually is the Socios $JDT Fan Token?

Working with Socios, JDT FC have created a platform that will allow you to influence and engage with club decisions like never before. 

$JDT is the way we do that. It’s the name of the only official JDT FC Fan Token. 

Please note: $JDT Fan Tokens are a form of cryptoasset. To acquire fan tokens, you must download the Socios.com app, purchase the cryptocurrency, Chiliz ($CHZ), and exchange this cryptocurrency for $JDT fan tokens.

Although we only promote $JDT Fan Tokens as a tool to engage with the club, we recognise that a secondary market for trading does exist. As such, we remind you that: a) the value of cryptoassets is variable and can go down as well as up; (b) cryptoassets are unregulated in certain regions; and (c) capital gains tax may be payable on any profits made on the sale of cryptoassets.

The decision to open a cryptoasset exchange account on the Socios.com app and purchase $CHZ and/or $JDT fan tokens requires careful thought and consideration. We advise you to spend only what you can afford to lose, and always seek independent financial advice if you are in doubt. You should not purchase any cryptoassets if you do not fully understand the nature of your purchase and the risks involved. We recommend that you refer to the Socios app Terms and Conditions and Help Pages for more information.

Can you give me a beginners guide to Socios?

Millions of fans from around the world are using Fan Tokens to join a thriving engagement and rewards community on Socios.com.

And, very soon, Johor Darul Ta’zim FC fans will be able to do the same thing.

What are Fan Tokens and why has the club decided to start using them?

Fan Tokens are like digital keys that provide access to a token-gated community on Socios.com where fans can access a range of benefits and engagement opportunities.

In the same way you need to buy a ticket to watch a game, you’ll need a Fan Token to access the new digital JDT FC fan community on Socios.com.

Why should I join Socios.com’s fan community?

Owning a $JDT Fan Token will enable you to access a thriving community, where JDT FC fans from around the world can participate in club polls, games, competitions and other features such as ‘check-in’ and token hunt to access a wide range of rewards and experiences.

What kind of rewards are available?

Rewards include access to VIP tickets, merchandise and unique, memorable experiences.

What kind of rewards and experiences will JDT FC create for fans?

Fan Token holders who participate in JDT FC polls will have the opportunity to win match-worn jerseys, including a signed Arif Aman’s 2022 Piala FA winning jersey. 

JDT FC fans can look forward to voting on major decisions needed to be made by the club, such as:

Player of the Season awards

Naming of training grounds / elements of the stadium

Squad numbers for selected new arrivals

Designs of the coach livery for the end of season celebration

As well as week to week decisions such as:

The celebration song played after every goal

The message on the captain’s armband for a specific matchday

Fan Token Holders will also be able to vote for their Player and Goal of the Month as well as helping to decide which players or staff appear in our Social Media content. 

Fan Token holders who participate in polls will have the chance of winning:

Signed JDT FC merchandise

Matchday tickets 

Hospitality invites

Special rewards from JDT FC partners

Discounts at JDT FC’s merchandise stores

Meet and greet the players and staff 

And much more…

User friendly

The Socios.com app is very user friendly and, while blockchain technology is used to power the app and create Fan Tokens, you don’t need to be an expert to be able to enjoy the benefits of using the platform.

Fan Tokens should be held 

You’ll need to hold onto your $JDT Fan Tokens in order to continue to have access to Socios.com’s rewards and engagement community.

How much will $JDT Fan Tokens cost?

The price of a single $JDT Fan Token will be announced when the Fan Token Offering (FTO®) takes place.

What is an FTO®?

The initial launch of a Fan Token is called a Fan Token Offering, or (FTO®) for short, and it takes place on the Socios.com app. We’ll share a step-by-step guide on what fans need to do to be able to purchase Fan Tokens in the FTO® via the website before the launch.

If I Have Any Questions, Who Should I Contact?

The best place for you if you have any questions, is to head to the Socios App where they will be able to guide you with any questions.


Q3 & Q4


  • Announcement of JDT FC embarking into the NFT marketplace
  • Announcement of JDT FC entering into Fan Tokens and Metaverse



  • Finalising partnership and building of the eco-system



  • Launch of JDTDigital.io
  • Launch of JDTDigital NFT marketplace
  • 1st NFT drop from JDT Player Trading Cards (PTC)

Q3 & Q4


  • Special rewards and utilities to loyal NFT holders
  • Super Utility NFTs
  • Special Edition Player cards Launch of JDT Fan Tokens



  • Gamification of JDT NFTs



  • Metaverse integration of JDT NFTs
Coming Soon SOCIOS.COM Coming Soon